Liebe Mitglieder, Sie erinnern sich vielleicht an die Umfrage aus Paris vom Mai 2017 unter dem Titel 

«Technical innovation: what impact on quality in technical writing?»

Wie bereits vor einiger Zeit kurz mitgeteilt, erhielten wir am 25.10.2017 einen Bericht über die Auswertung der Ergebnisse.

Zusammenfassung (auf Englisch)

Deepa HANS, Cécile LEANG, Anne RIVIÈRE
Paris Diderot University, July 2017


Nowadays, innovation is considered as a race for companies. Companies need to win this race in order to stay ahead of the game. In this frantic pursuit of innovation, it is important to keep in mind that innovation for innovation’s sake is pointless. To bring value to companies, innovation must lead to quality improvement and cost reduction. Like any other profession, technical writers are compelled to innovate in order to stay relevant. The most obvious expression of innovation lies in the introduction of new tools in the documentation process.
This article explores the impact of technical innovation on the documentation process and product. To be valuable, technical innovation needs to enhance the quality of the process or the product. This article aims at answering the following question: to what extent does technical innovation impact the quality of the documentation process and product? To a lesser extent, we also analyze the role of innovation-driven companies in fostering innovation for technical writers.
In addition to reading articles on innovation, quality and the relationship between the two, we also carried out a survey aimed at technical writers. From the results, we found out that while technical innovation improves both the documentation process and product, the most significant impact may actually come from rethinking information flows and team organization.

Lesen Sie hier den vollständigen Bericht: Technical innovation: what impact on quality in technical writing?

Die Abteilung für TR an der Universität Paris 7 Diderot


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