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CAWEB Master’s in Website Creation, Multimedia and Localization

The CAWEB Master’s Degree offers instruction in website creation and localization, offering both on campus training and distance learning options. The program includes courses in web development, web design, project management, and localization. The main advantage the CAWEB Master’s degree is the combination of practical IT skills and foreign language proficiency, which leads to various professionnal opportunities in the dynamic web-based fields. Furthermore, the Master 2 program offers personalized study options adapted to your academic profile and professionnal experience.

Study option in the CAWEB Master’s program

Our students have the option of either pursuing the CAWEB Master’s via on-campus courses presented by a team of industry leading instructors, or in distance learning format, which takes the form of real-time online lectures.

Work experience

In the work-study program, the master offers the possibility of gaining formative professional experience, either through a work-study contract or throught a professionalisation contract for students over 30 years of age who are pursuing continuing education.

Also have a look at a related master’s program focusing on technical communication and localization which is presented entirely in English via distance learning: TCLoc Master’s in Technical Communication and Localization. The TCLoc Master’s is innovative, offering both professional and academic accreditation.

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Eine Weiterbildung in zahlreichen mit der Technischen Redaktion verwandten Disziplinen.


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